1. Bluetooth and Buttons

  • Long push (3 seconds) the 3rd button to turn off BT, you will see the blue LED flash twice. Then press (1 sec) any button can turn it on again.
    If connected, press the 3rd button to find your phone. It will be vibrating and beeping.

  • If not connected, press the 3rd button, you will see the blue LED flashing 5 times and stops, and the BLE will be on for one hour until it gets connected or automatically turned off.

*How to make sure the BLE is on? Take out the battery and re-insert, the BLE is automatically on and the blue LED will be flashing, meaning it's searching for the phone ( unless it was connected as soon as triggered).  However, taking out battery will lose all the data unless you have logged in and synced with your account. 

2. Progress

  • Press (1 sec) the 1st button to check your progress. All the white LEDs will be flashing when your progress is finished.

  • Press the 1st button, all the white LEDs flashing for 3 times and then it will show your progress at the 2nd circle.

3. Alarm and Sleeping Mode

  • 14 alarms can be set in the app. For example, with 7 sleeping alarm and 7 wake-up alarm, it should cover the whole week.

  • when the daily alarm is enabled, it will turn on at the same time everyday. 

*You can also trigger the sleeping mode manually:

  • Hold the 1st button for 5 seconds, green LED on 12 o’clock flashes once, sleeping mode is on; Repeat the same step and red LED on 2 o’clock flashes once, sleeping mode is off.

  • Once you are in sleeping mode, whichever button you pressed, there will be no reaction.

4. Shipping mode

  • Shipping mode is for battery-saving. Hold the 1st and 3rd button simultaneously for 5 seconds, all white LED flash once and you are in shipping mode now. Then all the smart functions cannot be used. There will be no reaction no matter which button you pressed, but you can still use it for a watch.

  • Hold the 3rd button for 5 seconds, you may log out the shipping mode. Now the watch is back to normal and the BLE is on in this case.

*Noted: Nevo was always set on shipping mode before sending out, so after receiving, hold the 3rd button until you see all the colored LEDs flash once. Now nevo has been activated, and you may start your using.

5. Red LED flashing

  • Press the 1rd/3rd button, if you get a red LED flashing, it means the battery is low.

6. Notification

  • The related LED flashes three times with vibration.