Please Note:

The battery has to be fully sufficient, or the updating will be failed.

Do not interrupt the procedure until complete. If an interruption occurs, remove the battery for 30 seconds, "forget nevo" and restart the procedure again.

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Firmware upgrade for Android app

1.  Your nevo must have a Bluetooth connection with your phone before starting the Firmware upgrade. If there is a new firmware version, an update notification " New version available" will show up at "My nevo". 

Tap the yellow upgrade button to initiate the process. During the upgrade, keep your nevo near your phone. 

2.  "UPDATE", " Prepare for update", then the BLE update begins.



3. When BLE update finished, it will tell you to press the 3rd button. Press the 3rd button, the blue LED will be blinking for 5 times, meaning the watch BLE is on, then hit "Continue".


4. " Prepare for update", then the MCU update begins. MCU update will take more than BLE ( 1 minute ). Once it's finished, you can " Back to settings ".

It will lose connection after updating, but will reconnect after a few seconds. 

If not, "forget watch", close the app, turn off the phone BT, or maybe take out the battery for a few seconds, and then try connecting. It always works with these few simple steps.

5. Your nevo now has the latest firmware and is ready to use.