The 11 white LEDs around the nevo dial face indicate daily step tracking for walking and running

Each LED equates to roughly 8% of your daily goal as set in the app

If no goal is set, or the watch is being used without the app, the default step goal is set to 7000 steps (The progression on the watch resets every 24 hrs at midnight)

Changing the step goal at anytime will automatically change the LED progression on the watch and the digital progression on the app. The goal progression is indicated on the home screen by an orange line going around the nevo dial. This line corresponds to the amount of LEDs lit up on the nevo watch. 

On the nevo , the LEDs begin at the 4 O'Clock time position 

Step progress is indicated as below:

 LED 1: up to 8%

 LED 2: 8% to 17%

 LED 3: 17% to 25% (LED 3 lights at 25%)

 LED 4: 25% to 33%

 LED 5: 33% to 42%

 LED 6: 42% to 50% (LED 6 lights at 50%)

 LED 7: 50% to 58%

 LED 8: 58% to 67%

 LED 9: 67 %to 75% (LED 9 lights at  75%)

 LED 10: 75%t o 83%

 LED 11: 83% to 92%

 Full circle blink: 100%

 For activity beyond 100%, checking the progress will result in a  Full circle then additional LEDs as:

     - LED 1: 100% to 108% and so on

The progression on the watch resets every 24 hrs at midnight