Install the nevo watch app on your Bluetooth enabled smartphone then follow instructions to activate your nevo watch:

Download and install latest version of nevo watch app

Open nevo watch app

 Tap "Activate your nevo"


If your phone's Bluetooth is OFF, go to the Android SETTINGS menu to enable it.

Set the time on nevo to match time on phone by gently pulling out the center crown and turning clockwise. Please be aware that nevo does not automatically sync time with your phone. 

*** Because nevo is an analog watch, it will be necessary to occasionally sync the time on the watch with the current time on your phone. This includes during time zone changes when traveling. Whenever adjust the time, be careful with the o-ring. It can be easily broken by sharp things like nails.

Turn ON the watch's Bluetooth function by holding the 3rd button for 5 seconds until all the colored LEDs flash once and the blue LED starts blinking.

After Bluetooth is enabled, the nevo app will search for your watch.

After successful Pairing, the app will display "Connected" and nevo can function with the app.

nevo is now connected and will display the home screen. You may fill out your profile or log in to use app features, set fitness goals, alarms, sleep tracking and other features. (see Basic features of firmware version 38/26 )