The nevo watch uses two batteries....

The features battery operates the LED lights and smart features of nevo and is a standard CR2025 watch battery that is available from any local drugstore or electronics shop. This battery is easily accessible by using the included battery tool to remove the back cover of nevo.

After firmly locking the tool in place, turn counter-clockwise to remove

With the back cover removed, the CR2025 is visible and can be removed with a finger or soft object. 

The new cell must be installed with the correct polarity (positive side up). 

The timekeeping battery operates the timekeeping movement and is a standard 364 watch battery. It lasts for 4-5 years on average and it can also be changed by yourself very easily, so when nevo stops telling time, you can follow the next steps.

1, open the back cover, and take out PCB.

2. you will see the 364 battery underneath a plastic cover. Change the battery with the positive side up, and don't forget to stick back the plastic cover.

* While putting back the PCB, the key is to put the button side in first.