The nevo default goal setting is 10,000 daily steps. 

To set a daily step goal, open nevo app and from the home screen, select  "Set Goal" in the upper right corner

To change to a different pre-set daily step goal simply tap Light (7000 steps) Moderate (10,000 steps) or Heavy (20,000 steps)

To set a custom step goal, tap Settings...

Then select Goals....

From the Goals screen tap the plus sign in the upper right corner to add a custom goal

Enter the step goal amount then enter a name for the custom goal

When information is entered properly, tap Save in the upper right corner to save the custom goal and return to the Goals screen. From here, pre-set and custom pre-set goals can be enabled/disabled.

Each time you open nevo app with the watch connected by Bluetooth, the goal progress will update. You are also free to change the goal at any time during the day. Your goal progress will be adjusted to fit the new goal.

The daily goal data resets each night at 12 midnight.