For the notifications to work properly, it is imperative that they are enabled in phone Settings first...

1. Enable phone notification in iOS by going to phone Settings 

2. Select Notifications

3. Select each notification type that you wish to receive, and apply the following settings:

           - Allow notification = ON

           - Show in Notification Center = 1 at least

           - Badge App Icon = ON

           - Show on Lock Screen = ON

           - Alert Style when unlocked = Banners or Alerts

4. Make sure that you select the appropriate alert style - Banners or Alerts

Once Notifications are enable on phone Settings, proceed to nevo app Notifications set-up...

Open nevo app. From the Welcome screen, tap the Settings icon in the lower right corner...

On the nevo app Settings screen tap Notifications...

Each available notification will be the notification you wish to enable

On the Notifications screen, enable a desired notification by swiping its button to the right. 

Each notification is set to a default LED color. To set a different color simply select an LED color for that notification by tapping on it .

Repeat the process for each of the notifications that you wish to enable. 

*** Please note, excessive use of notifications will result in decrease battery life for smart features battery.